For Time and All Eternity

For Time and All Eternity

Mr. and Mrs. Mazur

Mr. and Mrs. Mazur

Our Taylin

Our Taylin

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I love Christmas!!!

Ok so it's less then 2 weeks til Christmas, this is by far my favorite time of year. Not only that but it's our first Christmas together as a family (ryan, taylin and i) and mine and Ryan's first Christmas together period. We wrapped tons of presents tonight and listened to Chrismas music. Taylin met Santa on her birthday...

She wasn't scared at all! Well there isn't much that scares Taylin...people wise anyway. Only thunder and roaring cars haha She is so funny. She had so much fun with her cousins on her birthday, we miss them so they are with the snowman before meeting Santa....

I can't wait to see them again, that's one of the only things I hate about California, not seeing my family. But that's part of life I guess... We live near some rough areas too so that's my only other complaint, oh wait and the traffic and the smog, but otherwise it's great! haha. No I love our little home, being closer to our families. It feels like we're getting more settled, Taylin is doing great. I have never seen her so happy and that's what matters most to me! She was dancin up a storm last night and a light festival in Downtown Riverside, she even got a tip! haha here are the pics....

I love our little Taylin so much. I don't know what I would do without her.

So we're pretty much ready for christmas, just waiting for the big present to be delivered from Santa... it should be a fun Christmas!

More to come... I'll leave you with a family pic from last night and Tay with crazy hair in front of our little tree....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

And the Wedding Pictures Are In!

So after a month of marriage we finally get our wedding pics from our photographer. It's like Christmas! :) So exciting. Looking through them it's almost like reliving the day! What a wonderful day it was! I love the temple so much, I wish I could be there every day and I have never felt more beautiful in my life! Well I guess everyday can't be our wedding day but thank goodness for the memories right?? :)

So we are pretty much settled in our new little apartment in Riverside. It's cute and feels like home... I'm excited to get more pictures on the wall but we like it here. Moreno Valley is close by and a tad bit scary but luckily our apartment community is quiet, newer, and pretty nice. I look forward to the days when we get settled in our careers and can afford a house. But until then we will make the best of it! Taylin is handling everything so well! She has her own room and twin size bed. Now when it's bed time we just tuck her in with her stuffed animals and she goes to sleep. She will occasionally try to pull the "I'm hungry" excuse... But only once, then she dozes off. :) She has also started going to a different sitter, our original one here in Riverside didn't work out. Ginger is an angel from God, no joke! She is in Murrieta and in my in-laws ward. We're just testing it out right now but just knowing she can help for the time being means the world to me. Thank you Ginger!! :)

SO I finished training for UoP yesterday ( Thank Goodness!) :) I still have some follow up training but I can now actually start getting into my job again. And I am looking forward to working on my Bachelor's in Education so I can fulfill my dream of being a teacher. Ryan is also working on getting into Cal State SB so he can finish working on his degree in Broadcast Journalism. We'll get there someday :) And Taylin will be 3 this month! My how time flies, my baby is growing up! You should hear her say her prayers! Who would have thought that we would be at this point in our lives. I thank God every day for every little thing that has brought me here and for my beautiful little family. :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our First Halloween!

So this was our first Halloween together as a couple, as husband and wife, and as a family! We trick or treated for 2.5 hours! I think Ryan just wanted to get as much candy as possible.... ok so did I :) Ryan and I wore his old High School football jerseys, they both say Mazur so Ryan thought that was pretty cute :) And Tay was my little Fairy Princess :)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!!


Well, Here I am starting a blog.... typical thing for a newlywed to do right?? :) Gone are the days where I have time for Myspace, Facebook, etc.... Hopefully I can use this to keep everyone updated on our ever-changing lives and I can keep updated on everyone else too! So, I won't write too much now, I am just trying to get this set up. I have a few errands to run... I need a new tire because mine keeps getting near flat on my million mile drive to La Mirada for training at UoP and I need to mail my marriage certificate application (YAY :)) We finally got internet and cable yesterday after being in our apartment for almost 3 weeks! So I need to find a computer desk of some sort. Anyway.... quick update... (I promise to add more later!) I just finished my first week of training with UoP. I will be an enrollment counselor for the SoCal Campus and will be working at the San Bernardino Learning Center. I am so excited. I plan on starting my degree back up again soon and plan to work on a Bach. in Education so I can be an elementary school teacher. My number one priority, as everyone knows, is being a mom and this will help me have the same schedule as Taylin (and our future children). So I am very excited! Ryan is working for Chem Dry and commutes from our apartment in Riverside to Murrieta. He plans on starting his degree here soon too! Taylin goes to a babysitter who lives within walking distance from us and has a 3 year old boy named Garrett. She loves Heather and Garrett and they attend our church. It's a wonderful feeling to know Taylin is happy when I leave her for work ( since I hate leaving her as it is ). Anyway.... we are doing great, married life has it's challenges but we love each other so much and can't wait to see what our future has in store!

More to come... Love you all!!